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Why read this blog? What’s so different about me as opposed to any other individual who has been writing about food?

I am just an ordinary person who works, loves good food and loves to socialise.I am not a professional chef, in fact I am not much different to the average person (perhaps even you).

I do not have a team of helpers to clean up after me, nor to chop up all my ingredients and do my washing up. I use everyday produce that I can find in most supermarkets and my time spent cooking is limited because I have a life outside the kitchen.

I do not know how to dress a plate and make it look as if it has sprung out of Master Chef, but what I do know about is everyday, “mostly” healthy traditional Mediterranean cooking.

I want to stay healthy and maintain my weight. I am in my 40’s and am constantly battling with the scales, yet if I stopped eating healthily; no doubt the pounds would pile on. Trust me I know from experience.

Anyway, I am not going to talk about dieting nor am I going to talk about diet food. Just healthy, honest, real dishes. Mostly Mediterranean (Turkish) if there is such a thing these days, after all the world is so small that most cultures share similar tastes and knowledge of delicious recipes.

Processed Meat
Now, I know people often choose to write about the food they like. Well I’m going to start by writing about what I don’t like, and the most important one is processed meat. I am not totally against it, please don’t get me wrong. I love a bit of spicy garlic sausage (Sucuk) after it’s been barbecued. I just don’t think a barbecue should only revolve around processed meat/burgers alone. I mean, do we really know what’s in them, do we actually care? Have you ever tried making your own?

Yes I know it is easy to take things out of a packet and plonk onto a fire, but what do you do when you get bits of gristle, cartilage, fat or even bits of bone in your mouth?  Besides how many burgers do you get for your money? Do you know how much good quality mince meat you could get for the same price? You could then afford to invite more friends, well that is unless you are a “Nobby No Mates”, in which case two packets of burgers will do you. How about as an alternative or addition to your burgers, some chicken kebabs maybe?

Ok still interested, still reading?

The Flustered Host
Anyway, my second dislike is when I’m invited to some one’s house for dinner (which is always an honour), yet I hardly get to see the host. He or she is so busy cooking, that they have forgotten that you are there for a social event, not just to eat their food.

If I just wanted to eat some food without the company of the host, well then I would have gone to a restaurant. I feel that if I am hosting a dinner party, then why should I not be part of it? I don’t see why I should be stuck in the kitchen preparing and cooking,  while everyone else is socialising and having fun. I love having people round to share my food; however it should be a social event, not just one where you become a slave to cooking.

So I prepare my food in advance, well before my guests arrive. I am not saying you should do the same, but if you agree with my opinion, then enough said.

Eating Out
I don’t know about you, but my family and I live in London,  Notthing Hill (no we are not rich!). Anyway, we have many restaurants around us, and believe me my husband and I have tried most. The thing is, our time is so precious that when we go out we want to enjoy not only our food, but also the ambiance and to be able to talk to each other, rather than just eat. (I am not talking about fine dining restaurants here, I am talking about your average midweek family friendly restaurant).

For the past year or so, we have been finding that when making a reservation you are being required to vacate your table within an hour or two. I understand that businesses need the next customers, but if you are a large group especially with children, then do you know how much is spent? What’s to say that the next customer is going to spend as much? How long can a family with young children stay for anyway, so why rush us?

I am also experiencing low quality produce, that has been made to look expensive, yet taste cheap, and is sold to me at a high price.  So for this reason, I am finding ourselves dining in more often than we used to. We still love to go out, but refuse to be ripped off.

Hope you do try out some of my recipes, what’s more is I hope you enjoy them. Please free to email me or leave comments.

About Me
I was born in South London UK, where I studied psychology and social sciences. I spent nine years living in Istanbul Turkey, learning about traditional Turkish cuisine, Turkish culture and history. I now live in West London with my husband and daughter.


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