So just how mean had been Fat People Hate?

So just how mean had been Fat People Hate?

It’s hard to explain to you the venom of FPH as the articles are now actually gone. However, if you appear at YouTube as well as other platforms like Imgur, the image-hosting web web site that many Reddit users count on to share with you pictures and visuals, you can still find A fph that are few can be found.

FPH recently targeted a lady known as Rachel who’d developed videos that focused on the have trouble with her fat, fat acceptance, and just how discussion boards like Fat People Hate had been terrible. Within times, FPHers found her YouTube channel and started aggressively voting down her videos. The remarks that then followed had been ruthless:

“As of yesterday evening i’ve get to be the latest target of the fat haters team on Reddit, ” Rachel composed on her behalf web log may 24. “since that time My YouTube channel has gotten lots and lots of negative reviews and death threats along side my account that is google with of more responses. Some have actually also gone onto my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. “

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